Lamaze for You

Journey to Parenthood ~ Birth Readiness


Why Birth Readiness

My passion for birth readiness came from personal experience with my three children. Being prepared for my second and third children, I found that birth is a normal and natural process that my body is capable of.

This was unlike my experience with my first child for which I was completely unprepared. It was so different that it sparked a passion to help other women feel confident and ready for birth.

About Me

Hi. I’m Barbara Valentine, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LLCE). It was the birth of my son that sparked my passion to teach other parents about confident, joyful birthing. Now a mother of three, I teach because birth changed my life, my self-esteem. In birth I found hidden strength and the "high" of meeting the challenge.

A former labor and delivery nurse, since 1987 I have taught hundreds of expectant couples in the Tampa Bay area, about birth readiness. Some of whom I have been privileged to support throughout their labor and birth experiences (doula services). Mentoring expectant mothers at a local pregnancy care center gives me the opportunity to share the beauty of birth.

I’ve seen firsthand the difference that birth readiness makes, especially when classes are personalized to meet each couple’s needs.

Anything important in life takes planning, for example a wedding, an athletic event, or climbing a mountain. Anyone planning a big event needs a mentor(s) to advice for the decisions and challenges ahead.

Is training for birth important? Yes it is. Climbing a mountain isn't just about walking up hill, it also requires physical training, planning for the right equipment, and having the best support team possible. It's not a competition, no need to prove how strong you are, simply taking on the challenge no matter what it brings. The reward of birth and the moment you get to hold your baby, looking into his face for the first time is an experience that will never be forgotten, the life changing reward of birth. You are about to climb that unique mountain, it’s time to start training.

You will need physical and mental preparation for all kinds of possibilities and outcomes. Physical training to prepare your body by rehearsing skills, prepare mentally and emotionally for the challenges you will meet. Preparing for childbirth will develop the natural skills you will need for birth.


What You and Your Partner Can Expect to Learn

With Lamaze For You couples can develop confidence in facing the challenges of birth. A six-class comprehensive series is offered for both private students and small groups. Small group classes have a maximum of five couples allowing plenty of individual attention

Each class includes planning for your child’s birth, your partners' role, relaxation, breathing techniques, positions and movements for labor comfort, relaxation, visualization, using positive affirmations, nutrition, ways to use a birthing ball, exercises, standing and walking to lessen back pain, and natural pain relief.

Your partner will learn massage technics, how to use hot and cold packs, backpressure, soothing touch, what to say and when, support you through breathing and relaxation.


Comprehensive Class agenda:

  1. Practical information and exercises for a comfortable and healthy pregnancy. Planning for your birth.
  2. Introduction to labor—the first stage.
  3. Giving birth and your first hour with baby.
  4. Hospital procedures, medical interventions, and cesarean sections.
  5. Breastfeeding, new mom and baby care.
  6. Bringing baby home, infant CPR.

Individual Class offered:

  1. Early pregnancy.
  2. Preparing for a second/another baby.
  3. Birth skills refresher.
  4. Breastfeeding.
  5. Baby Care.
  6. Infant/Child CPR.